Stewarding Job Role


DC Site Services operates on project (event) based work. This means that job roles vary depending on the site and the contract obtained by DC Site Services. You will be given a briefing on-site and a stewarding handbook regarding all health and safety regulations that you should implement within your role. As a steward you will be expected to act professional, courteous and attentive towards the public. You may also be working alongside other contractors to assist you in your role. You will be expected to get to know your surroundings as you will be a point of contact for the public. Things to think off:

  • Location of toilet’s/utilities
  • Nearest cash point
  • Lost and found/ info point
  • Nearest entrance/exits
  • Food courts
  • Medical assistance

 Listed below are some of the standard job roles however this is not a fully comprehensive list and jobs may occur outside of these categories.

 Arena Stewarding:

  • Maintain crowd control
  • Look out for any suspicious activity and unusual packages.
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to incidents and occurrences.

 Campsite Stewarding:

  • Meeting and greeting all festival goers.
  • Advising them where to camp/set up.
  • Responding to public requests.
  • Look out for any potential hazards that can harm you or others within the campsite.
  • Working with fire tower marshals and making sure all fire lanes are clear.

 Fire towers/Marshalls:

  • Oversee the campsite from a fire tower (working in pairs or alone), looking out for any potential hazards within the campsite or festival site.
  • Working closely with a campsite steward who can get a closer look to check if the fire lanes are clear.
  • You may have to use a fire extinguisher to extinguish small fires.

 Wristband Exchange:

  • You are the first point of contact for anyone entering the festival/event.
  • check tickets
  • receiving payments
  • placing wristbands on the public.

Urban Stewards:

  • Be polite and smiley to all the festival goers and make sure they respect their surroundings
  • Making sure nobody urinates or throws rubbish in the street and locate them to the nearest toilet facility/bin.
  • Encourage all event/festival goers to not shout or be too noisy
  • Discourage event/festival goers from loitering in residential areas and direct them back to the event/festival site or the nearest station if the event/festival is finished.

 Issues to be aware of:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Fire emergencies
  • Aggressive/intoxicated behaviour

Unless you are qualified or can comfortably handle the situation, relay any of the above to a superior. (this may include the use of radio communication)

  • Unauthorised vehicle/personnel movement

All vehicles/personnel should be properly accredited in accordance to site/event rules.

  • Working in non-event areas (Urban/highways)

You may encounter resident issues which should be dealt in the same manner as any other.

  • Event Management

Know the key people running the event/festival, they may ask you to do change your approach to benefit the public.

  • Disabled accessibility

Know all disabled access routes, treating them with the same quality of service as anybody else.

Any other useful information will be provided during the on-site briefing and enclosed in the stewarding handbook you will receive.

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