Job Lead Role Description

Job Description:      Job Lead

Responsible to:      Operations Manager.

Role: Job Leads are responsible for the delivery of service at an event or festival. The service must be completed on time, within budget, meeting the company objectives and service specification. Leading and supporting staff, ensuring the job roles are fulfilled successfully, and that resources are managed effectively. 

Hours of duty: project-based, as required to fulfil the requirements of the post.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Oversee the fulfilment of the contract based on the brief given to you by the Operations Team - manage any additions or changes through agreements made with the client and/or company involved.
  • Ensure the implementation of company policies & procedure, business objectives, company philosophy and code of conduct.
  • Manage staff working hours, collate and submit completed timesheets to the Operations Team by the set deadline.
  • Support the Operations Team with planning, monitoring, and reviewing the day to day running of each project.
  • Be the primary point of contact for DC Site Services for the staff, the client, and the DC office prior to the event, while on-site and after the event has concluded.
  • Ensure you maintain positive, effective, and professional relationships with clients and staff.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Ensure effective communication with the Operations Team and clients with regards to troubleshooting, additional requests, and any decision-making within the project site relating to our service specification.
  • Maintain communication with other agencies in order to deliver excellent customer experience.
  • Manage all project expenses including staff hours and food budget.
  • Oversee and manage all use of equipment, stock, uniform, and vehicles on site, ensuring uniform, vehicles and equipment are cared for and returned in good condition.
  • Ensure the effective and efficient use of all resources for each project.
  • Oversee the delivery and collection of skips, building, and distribution of bins and any recycling arrangements agreed with the client.
  • Manage the on-site catering if applicable.
  • Complete a post-event debrief.
  • Ensure that services operate at all times within safe control measures through the use of Risk Assessment & Method Statements and implementation of Health & Safety systems.
  • Ensure that services operate at all times within safe, sustainable control measures to protect and minimise the effects on the environment.

Human Resources:

  • Maintain good relations with the client, DC Site Services staff, staffing partner employees and members of the public.
  • Ensure that company policy and procedures towards employment are implemented.
  • Ensure that provisions are made for staff welfare.
  • Respond to any staff health emergencies with appropriate action.
  • Ensure that all site equipment and vehicles are only used by those that have permission from the Operations Team and are returned in the same condition as received.
  • Organise staff breaks taking into consideration staff allocation requirements.
  • Effectively allocate and deploy staff according to their strengths.
  • Effectively manage human resources for each project and adhere to GDPR regulations regarding data usage and misuse.
  • Provide support & guidance to other managers, supervisors, and staff.
  • Attend supervisions/reviews with senior members of staff.
  • Be involved in the on-going training of all staff, including individual event/festival briefings.
  • Participate in the investigation and/or hearing of disciplinary and grievance issues as required.


  • Establish effective methods of communication with the Operations Team / Office
  • Ensure all projects have maintained records as required by the needs of Regulators, Event/Festival, and the Company (timesheets, accident/incident/occurrence records etc.) and submitted to Operations for review either by a specified deadline or within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Notifying the office of any staff member who fails to attend their allocated shifts.
  • Assist the Operation Team in the promotion and implementation of all policies and procedures, ensuring that all staff are familiar with these policies.
  • Promote methods of obtaining feedback from events/festivals, staff and other agencies.
  • Report all complaints/complements, maintain project logs & de-briefing information and report to the office during and at the end of each event.
  • Respond to any project/ service specification or resource shortfalls.
  • Attend and/or organise meetings as required with operations team / senior staff.


  • You are representing the company; we therefore expect exemplary behaviour whilst on shift and off shift.
  • Be “on call” at all times during on-site projects.
  • Maintain every aspect of confidentiality relating to the event/festival, staff and the company.
  • Maintain a close and co-operative relationship with all professional and statutory authorities that are connected with the company.
  • Maintain your own competence through supervision, training & reviews.
  • Abide by the company's Code of Conduct.
  • To be well presented/groomed and maintain company uniform when representing the company.

This job description is not prescriptive and may be changed in consultation with the post holder to meet the changing needs of the role and business.

Personal Specification


  • Computer skills for internet, word and excel.
  • Strong work ethic and good verbal communication skills.
  • Be prepared to work away from home for periods of time.
  • Basic maths skills to be able to effectively understand and manage hourly staffing budgets.


  • Have up to two experience of working within an event or festival environment.
  • A full clean driving licence.
  • Experience of project fulfilment and staff management.
  • To be able to tow trailers on driving licence.
  • To have experience of working in a multi-agency setting.
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