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DC Site Services staff managing the litter, recycling and waste at Stone Roses in 2013
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Our Clients include...

Taste Festival Kew The Music Beatherder

Our bespoke litter collection and waste management services include pre-event litter clearance, ongoing services throughout your event and post-event.

Our event recycling, litter and waste management teams work closely with our partners and other agencies to achieve source separation of recyclable and compostable materials and reduce waste going to landfill.

We offer tailored solutions for event and festival litter collection, waste management and recycling including:

  • Event Clearance
  • Source Separation
  • Consultation to help your event reduce its environmental impact
  • Established links with voluntary and charitable organisation’s that encourage audience participation with waste collection and recycling; in turn, benefiting the charities and organisation’s 

We work tirelessly both with our contractors and internally to ensure that as much of the waste that we generate is recycled. General waste is checked for recyclable material, and the remaining waste is diverted from landfill.  We always strive for 100% diversion from Landfill and have achieved this for the last few years consistently.

  • MRFs (Material Recovery Facility) – All rubbish taken to a MRF will be mechanically sorted so that separate materials can then be sent on to be recycled. This is most effective when applied to dry Mixed Recyclables, though can also be applied to Mixed Waste.
  • EFW (Energy from Waste) – All rubbish classed as General Waste will be taken to an EFW incinerator. This is the most effective way of making use of non-recyclable waste and offers a sustainable solution to waste disposal. These facilities generate power for tens of thousands of homes nationwide
  • Food Waste (Anaerobic Digestion) – This is recognized as the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to dispose of food waste. Treating food waste with anaerobic bacteria creates fertilizer which is sent to farms, and the biogas is used to electricity.

Local Trade / Charitable Collections – What’s ‘rubbish’ to some, can be useful materials to others. We aim to work with local traders, communities and charitable groups in order to reuse useful materials such as pallets, wood, catering disposables, tents and more.

Several steps are also implemented on-site prior to the above processes:

  • Separation at Source. Systematic working means that litter collected off the floor can be instantly separated, maximizing recycling. 
  • Two bin system. All bins both front and back-of-house are arranged in pairs to always give the option to recycle. For food vendors/caterers an option of a third ‘food waste’ bin is made available.
  • Clear labelling of bins and waste compounds. Large clear signage encourages festival-goers to think about which bin they use for their waste.
  • Communication with traders and other contractors. By discussing our methods of recycling we encourage other workers on-site to consider the correct method of disposal.

DC Site Services is proud to work hard to build relationships with various waste management companies developing a nationwide network that understands how the event industry operates. Contractors are not chosen based purely on price but on service quality, disposal methods, equipment suitability and general willingness to operate outside of their usual business.

If you would like further details about our event litter clearance, waste and recycling management and how we can help you to "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" at your event please contact us!

We also offer cleaning and toilet attending services to Events, Festivals and Venues. For further info see ‘Event Cleaning & Toilet Services’

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I wanted to write personally to say a huge thank you to you and your brilliant team for all your hard work to enable to deliver, in such a short space of time, a wonderful Royal Windsor Horse Show.

When we started the planning, we honestly had no idea whether we could or could not run and had so many changes it must have made it almost impossible for your team – however as always they adapted and overcame the many hurdles that we presented, with a smile and a complete can do attitude and many people are saying that it was one of the best show’s that they have ever been to.

Everybody I have spoken to has said how fantastic the cleaning was and that the loos were immaculate, and the showground looked as good on the last day as it did on the first day – which is exactly what any organiser strives to achieve. Nothing was ever too much trouble and everything was delivered with a smile. Your cleaners were tremendous once again. Even with the date change and the added bonus (!) of COVID everything was delivered on time.

Nick Brooks-Ward
H Power

Our Clients include...

Taste Festival Kew The Music Beatherder