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DC Site Services traffic staff working at the Glastonbury Festival

2015 Event Jobs with Luna Cinema, at V-Festival, Reading Festival, Leeds Festival and the Big Feastival!

Posted on 23 Jul 2015

The past week has been one of our busiest so far this summer! We've had teams working at Mutiny Festival, Truck Festival, Beat-Herder Festival and the Royal Welsh Show! We're always pushed and pulled when we have multiple events on at the same time but we'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been working with us! You've been doing a fantastic job for us and our clients, and almost always with a smile which is at least half the battle! If you're looking for event work and would li ... read more

DC Site Services CSAS and Street Works trained and qualified staff

DC Site Services CSAS and Street Works trained and qualified staff

Posted on 15 Jul 2015

We've recently been focusing on the development of our Event Traffic Management services. Prior to 2015 we were only able to offer event car parking and onsite traffic management. Through training and investment we've now expanded our services to offer full onsite and offsite traffic management services. With staff now trained in Unit 2 and 10 Street Works we're able to work with our clients to: Handle all aspects of traffic management planning and council/highways agency applications. Wor ... read more

Glastonbury 2015

A huge thank you to everyone who worked with us at Glastonbury

Posted on 13 Jul 2015

We would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who worked with us at Glastonbury Festival 2015. As always the bands were excellent, the weather was a little erratic and DC’s event crew were 100% dedicated and hardworking! You’ll be pleased to know that payment for work carried out at Glastonbury will be processed this week and in your accounts by July 17th. For those who have not made any further applications your deposits will be returned by the end of July (into the account details li ... read more

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DC Site Services were appointed to manage the running of the public car park for the Aegon Open Nottingham, international tennis event. Due to the nature of the event, most vehicles arrive and depart within a short window of time at the start and end of each day’s play. DC Site Services ran a smooth operation, with their knowledge and expertise in this area and were effective in managing the vehicle flow as well as the wear and tear of the field on which the cars were parking, to ensure the delivery on day 1 was as good as the delivery on day 9.  This improvement was also recognised by our customers who referenced this specifically when asked in a survey how the event had improved compared with previous years, quoting “parking was easier”, “there were no queues to park this year”, “parking was more organised”, “car park problems from last year sorted”.

Rebecca James - Tournament Director