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Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2024

Whether it’s a caravan or campervan, a group of mates wanting to work together or a request to leave a day early or arrive a day late, the time to make these requests is NOW. If you rock up to a festival site hoping to run this request by the Manager, you run the risk of disappointment or worst-case scenario, being turned away from the site.

From the above, the one request you must make without fail is whether or not you may bring a live-in vehicle. We appreciate that when working away from home people want to be as comfortable as possible, especially when working long shifts on your feet all day (or night, as the case may be). Let’s consider the following…


Campervans or Live-ins vehicles.

  • You must show proof from the office that you have been given permission to bring your campervan or live-in vehicle when you arrive onsite. Have the email ready on your phone because a verbal answer of “the office authorised it” will no longer be acceptable. Onsite management and the office communicate every day so know what has been authorised and what hasn’t.
  • Make the request to bring your live-in to the office for each new application you make.
  • Not all contractors are given permission to camp and any space allocated to us must be utilised appropriately and respectfully. There is only so much room and tents will always be made a priority. If you are given permission to bring a live-in vehicle you MUST arrive early to be parked up before the tents arrive for health and safety purposes.

The next quandary is then of course…power. We ask that you consider the following…

  • We have an allocated amount of power onsite from the client. This is usually to run the showers, any lighting and provides catering services to the entire crew. You may only be onsite for a few days, but some of your colleagues may be on site for a longer period of time and this allocated power has to last the duration of the time our crew are there. If there are a number of live-in vehicles running heaters and TVs this could mean running out of power prematurely and ultimately not being able to have a shower at the end of a hard day’s work!
  • We provide a welfare tent onsite with tea and coffee available and a charging point for phones, this makes it fair for all crew to have access to the same facilities.
  • Crew staying in tents do not have access to this power for health and safety reasons, is it fair that you do?

To summarise, just because you have your own cables or splitters does not mean that you are able to get power to your live-in vehicle!

We will always do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests, but ultimately, we are there to do a job and this will take precedence. We want a happy team onsite, so help us achieve this by staying on top of your applications and by communicating your requests early on.

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I just wanted to send out a big thank you to you and your team for all the work you and the team put into helping make the traffic and transport operation work so well this year.

As it was a pleasure having DC site services as part of our team. I think the GFEL team of contractors is the envy of a lot of events in the way we all support each other and it was noted by some observers that stated the following :- 

"simply put, GFEL’s off-site traffic management plan was delivered and managed in a totally consistent and defensible manner that sought to promote good practice, collaboration and road safety to the benefit of all road users."

The DC are big part of that delivery and should take some of the credit for that delivery.

Steve Russell-Yarde, Off-site Traffic Manager
Glastonbury Festival