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Posted on Friday, February 2, 2024

Alright folks, the 2024 event calendar is finally here and it’s time to start planning your summer diary! A few things…

- Applications are open, but we’ll start to actually accept applications in two weeks’ time (19th of February).

- As always, we pre-approve all profiles before considering your applications, so make sure everything is up to date and nothing is missing!

- You’ll notice that Glastonbury is showing as “coming soon.” This is because all crew need to have worked at least one event in order for their Glastonbury application to be considered. This gives new applicants a chance to make applications ahead of June.

- Following the above, please note that you do need to work the event applied for in order to get your foot in the door for Glastonbury. And yes, we do check this 😉

- We’ll open Glastonbury applications on the 4th of March and will begin to accept applications on the 18th.

- You’ll notice there’s a few new events and festivals listed and more will be added as the season progresses, so keep an eye open!

You should be able to tell from the calendar whether or not there is camping and what roles are available etc. However, should you have any queries simply get in contact with the office prior to applying. E.g. will food be provided; can I bring a campervan and so on... 

You can apply HERE.

Sunny fields, crew catering and muddy wellies here we come! 

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