Four Weeks to Launch!

Posted on Monday, January 8, 2024

The New Year is here which means that just around the corner is the DC Site Services’ 2024 Event Calendar! We’re counting down to the 5th of February when we’ll officially launch the calendar and when you’ll be able to plan for the season ahead.

We’ll begin to accept applications two weeks later on the 19th for all events and festivals except for Glastonbury. A further two weeks later on the 4th of March you’ll be able to apply to work at Glastonbury. We’ll begin to accept these Glastonbury applications on the 18th, but remember, in order for your application to be considered for Glastonbury you need to have worked at least one event with us previously, so bear this in mind when making your applications on the 5th!

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To say the least, it has been a challenging year […] However, we got through it purely because of the strength of the teams we have on site, and that especially includes you. I know it was a tough one, so I wanted to say thanks from the bottom of my heart…

Clare Goodchild, Standon Calling
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