All the Recruitment!

Posted on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Preparing for a new festival season takes a lot more than making sure we have enough glowsticks and litter picking bags in stock (unfortunately). Hundreds of hours of logistical planning go into preparing to service any event or festival, and a large part of that preparation includes how we intend to provide staff for that event. This is where the office team cracks their knuckles and gets to work.

You’ll have seen our adverts for Team Leaders & a Store Co-ordinator & LVG driver already, still to come is recruitment for Area Leaders commencing mid-March, and finally our recruitment for an Office Assistant.

The role of Office Assistant is a temporary contract through the summer to exclusively help with recruitment. We trialled this role in 2019 and saw a significant improvement in statistics when having an individual laser-focussed purely on recruitment. We’ll also be dedicating more of our budget to online campaigns and adverts to widen our reach to those looking for summer and event-based work.

We’re also redoubling our efforts when it comes to reaching out to universities and colleges across the UK, specifically to those which offer courses in event management and environmental science, to connect with students who could benefit from this ‘field work.’ Not only could this give students studying in these vocations a future area of research, but it also provides them with an insight into the production side of the industry and the environmental impact an event or festival can have. Or it’s just a handy way for a student to make some money while watching their favourite bands. Either way, we’re reaching out!

If you’re a student currently studying at a college or university and you’d be interested in introducing DC to your fellow students, get in touch and we’ll be happy to send out some promotional materials!

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The crew that you sent over were brilliant and very professional. I’m sure we will be working with you again in the future.

Chris Marshall, Event Planner
Great Events Company