The winner of the Staff Survey is…

Posted on Friday, January 14, 2022

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who recently took part in the staff surveys. We always look forward to receiving feedback of every type from our event staff. It’s your vital first-hand experience when working onsite that helps influence what changes need to be made, and what works well!

We’ve learned that our social media presence could do with a push, something we’ll be reviewing further this year, but that the preferred way to receive DC news over social media is by far, Facebook.

The Office Team was delighted to receive such a warm response this year with regards to your experience when contacting the office. 61.8% rated the team 5/5, with a further 27.5 rating 4/5. Thank you!

Our Team Leaders also received some well-deserved praise, with many responses stating that…

“All were friendly and helpful”  

“All brilliant, makes working so good”

“Top team”

A surprising amount of crew stated that they prefer email correspondence over WhatsApp and text, and a whopping 87.5% of responses stated that they would absolutely recommend working with DC Site Services to a friend. We’re also pleased to see that most people find navigating the website fairly simple, and that setting up a DCSS PAAM profile was a straightforward process for them.

Moving forward, just a few of the changes we’ll be incorporating for the 2022 season will include precise meetings points for crew onsite, even if this cannot be confirmed until we are onsite ourselves, we will endeavour to communicate this as soon as possible to ensure a smooth arrival process for crew. We’ll also be looking at improving our induction process when onsite so that once on point, crew are happy and confident with the job they are there to do.

Finally, of course, this year’s winner! Selected at random, the winner is... Melvyn & Sarah Tudno-Jones, you’ll receive your prize in the post soon!

Lastly, just a few of our favourite comments received this time around…

“The office is always professional and very willing to help with any issues…”

“Always really easy to talk to, especially once we’d done a festival and knew many of the people we were talking to…”

“DC staff are always very welcoming…”

Thank you once again, and remember, just around the corner is the Calendar launch on February 1st!

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We have loved working with you all this year and as I have mentioned Joanne and her team have been a real asset to our concerts. If there is anyway we could have her back next year – that would be amazing!

Lisa Ward, Revival Productions
Classic Ibiza