Are you ready for April 28th?

Posted on Friday, April 16, 2021

Planning your applications

By publishing the Event Calendar last week, and opening applications on April 28th, it is our hope that this gives you ample enough time to carefully plan out your summer! Things to consider…



Travel & Planning

  • How will you travel to and from these Events & Festivals? If by car, can you travel with a friend to save on costs and to limit your carbon footprint?
  • Double check your diary for any commitments which may have slipped your mind
  • If there are Events & Festivals you’d love to work at, but unfortunately take place at the exact same time, make a list of your first, second and third choices. If you are not assigned to your first choice, you can contact the office to request your application be removed from your first choice so as to apply for your second etc.
  • Does your tent have holes in it, does it still have all the pins? Make a list of what to bring with you and check the current state of all of your equipment. Our FAQs have a handy list available if unsure.

What if two festivals overlap?

If two Events or Festivals you would like to work at happen to overlap by a day or two, email the office (once applications open up) to see if it’s possible to leave the first early or to arrive later to the second. The number of staff required at the start and towards the end of an event can often fluctuate. We can’t guarantee it, but occasionally these requests can be approved. There’s no harm in asking!

Are you ready to apply?

Checking if your DCSS PAAM profile is up to date is essential. All profiles are preapproved before we begin to assign people into positions. Things to check:

  • Make sure your photo (passport quality) is recent
  • Make sure your contact information is correct
  • Make sure your tax declaration reflects your current circumstances
  • If using a scan of your passport as your entitlement to work in the UK documents, make sure it’s still in date!

Problems with your DCSS PAAM profile?

If you experience problems logging into your DCSS PAAM profile you may need to reset your password. The option to do this is on the login page, make sure to check your spam folder if the email does not come through straight away. The new password will also need to have upper and lower-case characters, a number and a special character e.g., JoeBl088gs1950!@

Feeling out of practice?

It would be understandable to feel a little out of practice having missed an entire festival season. However, our FAQs should cover everything you need to know. We’d recommend taking a few minutes to reacquaint yourselves with these, however if you do have a question which isn’t covered there, simply ping us an email!

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Thank you... and thank you for this year. At a residents meeting in Remenham last week with all the promoters in the area, Rewind, Swim, Regatta, Copas and Festival the residents complained about everyone except they said the Festival traffic was perfect and should be an example to all the others. So well done!

John Harris
Henley Festival