COVID-19 Message update – UK Lockdown “We are still here to help you”

Posted on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

COVID-19 Message update – UK Lockdown “We are still here to help you”

This is a quick update to let you know that we are adapting to the recent restriction announced on the 23rd March by the Government. We are taking measures to keep you, our staff and crew safe by following their recommended measures to help minimise the spread of the Virus, but we are still here to help you! Our team are still operational and contactable via the usual channels.

We are faced with the roadblock of uncertainty particularly within the Event & Festival Industry. In such times, we can choose to be washing our hands in worry, or we can choose to adapt and simply carry on for as long as possible!

While we work with our customers and colleagues to develop strategies, to reschedule and quickly re-plan potentially an entire summer season we’ve spent the past winter preparing for, we’re also looking at other opportunities to keep our staff team and crew busy for the immediate future. 

We are finalising an agreement with one of our existing suppliers, to recruit for immediate start work opportunities to support essential businesses and services with cleaning staff positions, Initial opportunities are within e-commerce distribution centre environment.  We have placed some of these Vacancies on DCSS PAAM Already.  We hope that we will soon advertise some further vacancies across the UK very soon.

If we may take this opportunity to promote something, we can all: “Be a Part of it”

Organisers for Clap for our Carers are asking people around the country to come together to clap at the same time, wherever you, in a show of support, gratitude and solidarity of all doctors, nurses, GPs and carers currently working around the clock to combat this virus.   

Although this has been aimed towards our much-deserved health & social care sector, we will also be clapping to include the people that provide support/essential services and suppliers, such as Cleaners, Refuge Collection, Catering, Distribution workers and Drivers to name just a few… 

“Be a part of it” The BIG Applause and get clapping on Thursday 26th March at 8pm (Tomorrow Evening)

Keep safe, be well and wash your hands! We will be back again soon with further updates.

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