Applications open in 2 weeks!

Posted on Friday, January 17, 2020

In just two weeks’ time we’ll be calling all DC crew out of hibernation, we’ll be encouraging you to check your tents for holes and to brush the dust off your wellies because the 2020 Event calendar will be live!

Take a sneak peek over the next 14 days and you’ll see the calendar slowly start to populate with all your favourite Events & Festivals; The Windsor Horse Show, Reading, Leeds, Latitude and plenty more leading up to launch day, Friday the 31stJanuary!

As always, check your DCSS PAAM profiles to make sure it’s up to scratch and current. Have you recently moved? Update your address. Changed your phone number? Update your contact number. Shaved your head and finally got that face tattoo you’ve always wanted? Give onsite admin a fighting chance at recognising you by updating your DCSS PAAM profile pic. Point being, the more prepared you are then the quicker we can assign you to work at your dream festival.

You’ll also see a few changes coming with DCSS PAAM soon. It’ll look a little different, more streamlined, efficient and just downright pretty. How we approach deposits will change in order to help you apply for that event or festival you’re dying to go to but can’t quite afford without donating a – likely – vital organ. We want you there, intact, regardless of what’s sitting in your account, so keep your eyes peeled for a few upcoming announcements including volunteering with DC becoming a thing of the past.

With all work from now on being strictly paid work, if you only have a DCSS Volunteering PAAM account set up, hop on over to regular DCSS PAAM and set up your (paid) working profile, ready to blitz that apply button in two weeks’ time!

Meanwhile, instead of rocking back and forth in front of your PC in eager anticipation of those “opening soon” buttons switching to “apply now,” why not take a look at the website FAQs to test your DC knowledge, or look through our photo galleries to take a stroll down memory lane to get yourself in the mood for those summer evenings with twinkling fairy lights, good music, good company, flat, warm booze and the sound of a thousand fellow festival-goers in the distance. In fact, if you have a few photos from 2019 of your own, join our photo competition. Win yourself a £25 Amazon voucher by submitting your favourite photo from last season and use those winnings to get that power bank, obligatory glitter pot or multi-pack of dry shampoo and wet wipes ready and in stock!

If your short-term memory isn’t exactly up to scratch, fear not! Just make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter and following us on all social media, and we’ll be sure to remind you when the big day arrives.

Feel free to contact the team in the meantime, otherwise we look forward to a flurry of phone calls in two weeks!


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Dan and the team did a great job at Latitude, so thank you. Look forward to working together again at Leeds Festival.

Lucy Kinsella
Festival Republic