Volunteer and Paid Work with DC Site Services - The Calm before the Storm!

Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Volunteer and Paid Work with DC Site Services - The Calm before the Storm!

That old saying “the calm before the storm” is very much applicable to DC Site Services at the beginning of each season. If you read our last news item then you should already be aware that applications, all of them so far – we’ll continue to update the Event Calendar throughout the year – are now officially open!

One of the most frequent questions we receive is “which are paid jobs and which are volunteer?” If you’re one of these confused souls then you’ll be pleased to know that there are two separate Event Schedules and DCSS PAAM logins for volunteer and paid positions so as to avoid confusion. You can view the Event calendar for PAID WORK here, and VOLUNTEER WORK here. Just click that blue button to the right of both screens to make sure you’re applying through the correct DCSS PAAM page.

We have a brief respite through January but now is the opportune time to get your profiles up to date, to get those applications in and to make your requests for your preferred spots.

As always, you can contact the admin team any time should you have any queries.

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I would like to thank DC Site Services for all their hard work over 2015. 

We have been constantly impressed by the whole team on site and the management support throughout our events.

DC Site Services can do attitude has allowed our events to be a success this year even with challenging weather conditions being thrown at them.

Taste of London, Big Feastival, Natural History Museum Ice Rink