Your feedback from the 2015 DC Site Services staff surveys!

Posted on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Your feedback from the 2015 DC Site Services staff surveys!

In last week's news we touched upon the feedback received from you in our 2015 recent staff surveys, we'd like to now share this in more detail. As a reminder we asked you to score each area on a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being very satisfied, 1 being unsatisfied.

Your feedback on our briefing and resource materials was very positive overall, with 85% of the responses received being satisfied or better. The main negative point realised was a lack of directions to events provided. As a result of this we'll now be ensuring that the pre-event information provided includes detailed directions to each event including access and meeting points.

65% of your feedback on our welfare facilities was positive, with the main negative being a lack of cups for hot drinks and those that were provided becoming soggy and unusable. We're pleased to say that DC Site Services will now be providing plastic cups for everyone who works with us onsite, both durable and reusable!

Your feedback on your communication with our office, payroll queries, and the ease of navigation and general use of our website and DCSS PAAM was very positive with 75-85% of feedback being satisfied or better. In a view to continue this we'll be rolling out a series of updates to the website and DCSS PAAM very soon all with the intention of making your experience easier than ever!

45% of all staff found the supply of phone and device charging points onsite to be inadequate. While we would love to be able to accommodate everyone, it depends entirely on the event as to how many electrical points are available for charging. We'd recommend that all of our staff invest in a portable or external battery charger. These are compatible with most makes and models of device, can usually be found from around £10, and are far safer to leave charging unattended on an event site than your phone or tablet.

One of the most important questions in our staff surveys was how approachable you feel our managers and team leaders are, and if you feel that you're treated with respect when working with us. The response received was mixed with 89% of it positive for approachability but only 73% positive regarding respect and dignity.

We're aiming for 100% satisfaction for approachability, respect and dignity for all of our staff by this time next year. DC Site Services is a family-run business and as such it is important to us that all of our event staff feel that they are supported and respected by the people they work with and report to in line with our company ethos.

It's clear from your comments that this issue relates mainly to relationships with team leaders and managers following your work at Glastonbury Festival. Regardless of the high-pressured atmosphere that comes with working at Glastonbury, we fully intend to address how our staff, team leaders and managers communicate with one another. We’re looking into holding separate briefings for team leaders to address the morale of the staff and how best to dissolve high-tensioned situations. Our aim is for all our event staff to feel completely comfortable in approaching any other member of our team, regardless of their job title.

Thank you once again for taking part in the survey, we hope to see you all back with us again this season.

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Dan and the team did a great job at Latitude, so thank you. Look forward to working together again at Leeds Festival.

Lucy Kinsella
Festival Republic