2014 event and festival staff deposit returns!

Posted on Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DC Site Services Event Traffic Staff working at the 2014 Glastonbury Festival

The 2014 festival season has flown by! We hope everyone who has worked with us has enjoyed the season as much as we have and you're looking forward to coming back for more of the same in 2015!

As usual we'll be returning deposits via bank transfer. We'll be starting the return process the week commencing Monday 29th September 2014, and all deposits should be with you by the end of next week.

Please be aware that your deposit will be returned, minus the booking fee, to the account you've entered on your DCSS PAAM profile. If this is not the account you wish the deposit to be transferred to, please make sure you update your account details ASAP and then send an email to Accounts to let us know you've updated your profile.

Although the summer is coming to an end we will have jobs available at events throughout the autumn and winter months so please keep an eye on our event calendar and DCSS PAAM application for new events being added!

If you're keen to join us then we're already accepting applications for a number of London events taking place in November - please head over to DCSS PAAM for further details!

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Thank you... and thank you for this year. At a residents meeting in Remenham last week with all the promoters in the area, Rewind, Swim, Regatta, Copas and Festival the residents complained about everyone except they said the Festival traffic was perfect and should be an example to all the others. So well done!

John Harris
Henley Festival