Best 2013-2014 Autumn and Winter European Festivals

Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Best European 2013-2014 Autumn and Winter Festivals Guide - Las Fallas, Valencia by Keith Ellwood

All at DC Site Services would like to send out a big thank you to all of our event staff who have been working with us as the nights have been drawing in - especially the fantastic team who worked with us at The Major Series South (British Military Fitness) last weekend (soggy as it was!).

If you're missing the summer festivals but can't quite bring yourself to don the waterproofs and attend a UK autumn festival our friends over at the PAAM event software blog have just posted their Best European 2013-2014 Autumn and Winter Festivals Guide!

The new PAAM guide previews the best of the 2013-2014 European Festivals bunch including the Venice Carnival, Las Fallas, Iceland Airwaves, Snowboxx and the Big Snow Festival.

If you're looking for autumn and winter event jobs please make sure you keep an eye on our event calendar and keep your DCSS PAAM staff profile up to date so we can get in touch!

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