Glastonbury Festival staff Start and End Dates

Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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The 2013 Glastonbury Festival is now just around the corner!

For our festival staff the maximum working dates are 22nd June to 2nd July 2013.

As we approach the festival arrival date please make sure you check your DCSS PAAM account regularly for updates. As usual the finer details are likely to be amended as things are moved around and finalised over the next week or so.

We've been receiving a lot of queries about start dates - many staff seem to be confused about which day they need to arrive at the festival.

The arrival and start date for your team is posted in the Event Info section of DCSS PAAM. Please make sure to familiarise yourself with this information before travelling.

With regards to the end dates; the end date for your team is also noted in the Event Info section of DCSS PAAM.

If you have arranged to arrive late or leave early and have been given the okay by our office, please contact us to re-confirm this.

Please note that as we are now very close to the festival any Glastonbury Festival job cancellations made between now and the festival will result in the forfeiture of your deposit and any future employment with DC Site Services.

Info for those bringing a Campervan or Caravan

If you are travelling by campervan or caravan to Glastonbury Festival please follow the directions given in the Campervan and Caravan Marshall Information sheet in the Event Info section of DCSS PAAM.

When you get close to the festival there will be signs to guide you and DC Site Services staff will already be working onsite. Please contact us to re-confirm that you are travelling by campervan or caravan as we need to be aware of this beforehand.

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Thanks to Sam and the team, who did a great job this year, the land owners are very happy and the site was cleanest it has ever been during the event, a combination of your team and the green goblets.

Mark Gardiner, Production Manager
2000 Trees