Contacting DC Site Services Payroll in 2013

Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rob Donovan beckoning to Narnia whilst working at Glastonbury Festival

We're all very busy at DC Site Services HQ preparing for forthcoming festivals and events. Hopefully the current blue skies will follow us all into the fields!

Once the season is in full swing we're always inundated with emails, many of these relating to event staff wages. To make things a little easier for us all we've setup a new email address that forwards direct to payroll. So if you have a payroll related query moving forwards please send this direct to \r\n\r\n

We're keen to let you know about something else too but we've been told we're not allowed to yet, so bad at keeping secrets...

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Thank you for doing such a sterling job this year. Scott and the team worked incredibly hard and I felt the management of the traffic was done very well.

Charlotte Greeves
Henley Festival