How much will I get paid when working for DC Site Services'?

Some events may vary so always check the event info on your DCSS PAAM account

As a rule of thumb, we pay in two brackets

Those aged 25 and over are paid the national living wage

Those aged 16 – 24 inclusive get the over 21 minimum wage.

Many of you often ask for more information – specific rates for specific events. It would of course take some time to here detail the full financial logistics of running a company, especially one as modular as DC Site Services. What we mean by this is that we don’t sell oranges. The selling of oranges, one would assume, is fairly straight forward. You buy your oranges, you place your oranges in a cart, you pull your cart to your preferred orange retail outlet, or if going for the maximum profit – your preferred spot in the sun, you sell your oranges on.

As you may have guessed – our oranges are fairly involved, many have personal issues, many are in the midst of education – here trying to better their colour, many have families often requiring attention with little notice. All this and more we attempt to work with and sometimes even help with.

As with our oranges themselves both our carts and retail outlets (or your and our preferred spots in the sun) are also fairly involved – the latter often chopping and changing with regard to both location and size up to the last minute.

We always try to get the best deal for our standard oranges, and it has also been known for us to give bonuses to our really fruity oranges. Although, with such a volatile market – with so many competitors quoting to the same grocers; from time to time we have to lower our prices to keep our juices flowing.

Please keep in mind our oranges are well treated, stored in secure areas, fed (contextually) well, adorned with pretty passes allowing access to peachy areas often out of reach to the average veg…

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