Do I need to pay a refundable deposit to work with DC Site Services'?

The answer is most of the time yes, especially for the bigger festivals.
However, if you want to work at several events through the summer you can apply for ‘ongoing employment,’ for further info see the section in the FAQ’s regarding this.
You need to pay a refundable security deposit to secure your position(s).

Your deposit needs to be paid after you have applied.

Paying a deposit does not confirm your position at an event; applications are assessed and positions confirmed after a deposit has been paid.

Positions are filled on a first-come first-served basis.

Generally, we only refuse applications for one of the following three reasons:
1. The applicant does not fulfil the criteria specified on the About page of this website, the section "To apply you will need to...".
2. If it is ascertained the applicant has previously been unapproved from working by DCSS or another festival organisation which recruits and/or manages staff and/or volunteers.
3. The applicant fails a PNC check.

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