The 2021 Event Calendar!

Posted on Monday, April 5, 2021

After some careful planning, DC Site Services is pleased to finally launch our 2021 Event Calendar (click here to view!) Following a difficult year for the events industry, summer 2021 is looking much more promising and we’re excited to invite you to be a part of it.

Understandably, following the upheaval of a missing festival season and the impact of having to consider the varied possible outcomes of the one ahead, the timeline of planning for most contractors has been pushed back somewhat. As such, we’re still in discussions with our various clients and event organisers to finalise their exact requirements. Because of this, all events are for the time being listed as ‘opening soon.’ This enables you to both apply with confidence once applications are opened, and the time to carefully plan out your season and which fields your muddy wellies will be treading in!

In the meantime, our calendar will give you a rough idea of what the season ahead for DC Site services will look like, though rest assured, plenty of other events are in the pipeline and we’ll be notifying you as these are added over the coming weeks and months.

When will you be able to hit the apply button? We’re planning to fully open applications on April 28th at which point you’ll be able to put that careful planning into practice. In the interim, you can log into DCSS PAAM to make sure your profile and entitlement to work documents are up to date, for more information visit our FAQs!

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The crew that you sent over were brilliant and very professional. I’m sure we will be working with you again in the future.

Chris Marshall, Event Planner
Great Events Company