2014 Glastonbury Festival DC Site Services event staff job allocations!

Posted on Thursday, May 8, 2014

DC Site Services logo over Glastonbury Festival view from the farm photo

We're pleased to announce that we've started allocating jobs in DCSS PAAM at the 2014 Glastonbury Festival!

The Glastonbury Festival application will remain open for the time being, so if you've not yet applied you still have time!

As long as your profile is up to date and your deposit has been paid you stand as good a chance of being assigned as anyone else. If at any point you wish to discuss applying for Glastonbury before paying the deposit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please do take the time to check that your DCSS PAAM profile is completely up to date! Our Office Co-ordinator, Lindsay, will continue to check all Glastonbury Festival applications and will be contacting all event staff who have incomplete profiles (any missing information on your profile can affect the success of your applications).

If you would like to be allocated into the same team as a friend please make sure you've mentioned this in the Additional Details section of your DCSS PAAM profile and you follow this up with an email.

If you would like to bring a campervan to Glastonbury this also needs to be noted on your profile and you need to contact us to get a confirmation as there is limited room in the DC Site Services compound!

All staff car parking is free and passes will be issued on the day you arrive.

Good luck with your applications!

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May I also add, particularly to you Ed, a massive thanks for the work you and the DC team put into this event. The waste management and clean-up went fantastically well on the night, and I am very grateful to you for the work you put into ensuring we had the right level of provision. In particular, can I pass on my personal praise to Dylan and the rest of the team on the night, they were simply amazing, they kept going at a ferocious pace throughout the night and did not let up even right at the end. Their professionalism and energy are the main reason that we, and the College staff here at St Hugh's, were so happy the next morning with how the site looked, almost back to normal. I will be sure to recommend DC highly to future Balls, especially St Hugh's.

Harrison Engler
St Hugh’s Ball